About the Chamber

Proudly serving Davisboro, Deepstep, Harrison, Oconee, Riddleville, Sandersville, Tennille, and Warthen

The Washington County Chamber of Commerce was organized in 1956 with Howard Sheppard as president and Cecil Hall as secretary.  Emory Garner was the first executive secretary.  The Chamber is governed by 15 elected directors who serve 3-year terms.  From these directors, a chair and a vice-chair are elected.    Directors are elected from the membership except for an unexpired term which is filled by appointment by the board. Ex-officio board members include Mayor of Sandersville, Mayor of Tennille, Chairman of WaCo Development Authority, Chairman of WaCo Board of Commissioners, President of Sandersville Technical College and the Chamber past chair and Chairman of the WaCo School Board.  Up to three new directors may be appointed by the Chairman.  A full-time president, vice president, and secretary are retained by the chamber.

The Chamber of Commerce is providing the leadership necessary for the growth and development of all East Central Georgia. Local citizens are eager to provide opportunities and to meet challenges that will provide an even brighter future for themselves and those who follow. A willing and abundant workforce in a non-union environment is supported by a network of county and city governments working hand-in-hand to ensure the continuation of this good life.

                               Past Board Chairman

1956                                                                            1983

Howard Sheppard                                                       Clyde K. Wright

1957-1959                                                                   1984

Robert W. Morris                                                        Charles Lee

1960                                                                            1985

Walter C. McMillan                                                    Otis Smith

1961-1962                                                                   1986-1987

Osgood Bateman, DVM                                              Chris F. Irwin III

1963                                                                            1988

Cecil Hodges                                                              Marc Sack

1964                                                                            1989

Thomas Hutcheson                                                      Joe Giddens*

1965                                                                            1990

Herbert McCaskill, Jr.                                                Randy Mayberry

1966                                                                            1991

Oliver Wilson                                                              Don Thigpen

1967                                                                            1992

John Holder Smith *                                                    Charles K. Tarbutton

1968                                                                            1993

Earl Bivings                                                                Bobby Garner

1969                                                                            1994

Wilson Stone*                                                             Hugh M. Tarbutton, Jr.

1970                                                                            1995

Howard Sheppard                                                       Charles H. Jordan

1971                                                                            1996

Maurice Friedman                                                       Allen M. Hodges

1972                                                                            1997

John Atkinson*                                                            Eddie R. Moye

1973 – 1974                                                                1998

Larry Mathis                                                                Derek Spry

1975                                                                            1999

Wilmont B. Ouzts                                                        Ben Tarbutton III

1976                                                                            2000

Miss Augusta Lawson                                                 Joy Norris

1977                                                                            2001

Earl Bivings                                                                Roy Dixon

1978-1979                                                                   2002

Wilson Stone*                                                             Tony Veal

1980-1981                                                                   2003

Robert W. Wynne                                                        Harlan Archer

1982                                                                            2004

Carl Forrester                                                             Mike Franklin


Without community service, we would not have a strong quality of life….It’s the way in which we ourselves grow and develop.                                                                                 Dr. Dorothy I. Height